MWF Angels

Do you know of a Meadow Wood Farms neighbor in need? The Meadow Wood Farms Angels are anonymous volunteers who are ready to help. This group is NOT an official part of the Meadow Farms Property Owner’s Association, but is simply made up of neighbors who want to lend a hand.

Mission Statement of the Angels: We exist, anonymously, to help our MWF neighbors in need, doing those small and urgent projects they cannot do for themselves by reason of age, illness, disability, or lack of funds.

It is not the intention of the Angels to provide assistance to those who are physically and/or financially capable of performing the task at hand. So, if you know of anyone in the neighborhood who has an immediate need for short-term support, perhaps the Angels are the answer. To submit a request for assistance, send an email to: or call Jim Bain whose number can be found in the MWF Directory.

The Angels will contact you and obtain additional information in order to evaluate the request.