MWFPOA Deed Restrictions

Note: Meadow Wood Farms is a Deed Restricted Community with certain restrictions and covenants that have been recorded applicable to tracts of lands known as Meadow Wood Farms I and II, subdivisions as recorded in Book 481 – Pages 630-33, and Book 503 – Page 019 in the Marion County Records Deed Books, Dated: Sept. 30, 1971.

  1. No more than one residential structure and non-contiguous guesthouse may be constructed or maintained per platted lot, plot or tract.
  2. The ground floor area of any single-family residence shall be not less than one thousand (1,000) square feet. For computing the 1,000 square feet requirement, owner may include one half of the square footage of garages, carports, screened porches, covered entries, covered patios that are attached to the residence.
  3. Professional offices, such as a lawyer, doctor, dentist, surgeon, music or art teacher, may be situated within the main residential structure, provided that not more than twenty-five (25) percent of the ground floor of such dwelling shall be so occupied, and provided no name plate or signs shall be displayed upon the premises other than one sign, not exceeding one (1) square foot in area, and containing the name of the profession only and of the occupants of the premises.
  4. Mobile homes are not allowed in this subdivision except by special permit issued through the control committee. Any permit issued shall be on a temporary basis.
  5. Camper trailers of commercial construction may be used by the real property owner on his property for weekends, and/or vacations. Such vacations not to exceed a period of one (1) calendar month per year. The said camper trailers must be self contained insofar as sanitary facilities are concerned.
  6. No church, or religious home shall be constructed on the above-described property without the consent of all adjoining property owners, together with the written consent of three-quarters (3/4) of the property owners within two thousand (2,000) feet of the location of said church or religious home.
  7. Under no circumstances shall pulp, tin or tarpaper appear on any portion of the exterior, including the roof, of any residence or other structure. Aforesaid roof to be of standard approved fire resistant materials. No garage, guesthouse or accessory building shall be used as living quarters prior to the erection of the residential building referred to in No. 1 above. All garages must be built to the rear of or attached to the residential building.
  8. No tent, construction shack or barn shall be erected on the property and used for residential purposes.
  9. The exterior of all structures must be finished of new materials of number two grade or better, including but not limited to, novelty siding, asbestos shingle siding, glass block, cement block, mineral brick, or metal or plastic siding or a variety normally associated with quality residential construction, within six (6) months after construction has begun. (Not from date of purchase).
  10. The exterior of all structures, of whatsoever kind or nature, shall be finished in an appropriate manner in keeping with the variety of building material employed; all cement block, number two grade or better novelty siding, and other unfinished exterior material must be finished with at least two (2) coats of paint, varnish, or stain; all exterior finishing must be completed within thirty (30) days after completion of construction, and all exteriors must be kept painted and in good repair.
  11. All lavatories and toilet facilities shall be located inside the main residential buildings, or other structures provided for herein, and connected with outside septic tanks constructed in accordance with the standards and requirements prescribed by law and local and state health authorities at the same time of construction. The laws of the State of Florida and the County of Marion as well as the rules and regulations of their administrative agencies, now and hereafter in effect, with regard to sewage disposal, water supply, and sanitation, are hereby incorporated herein and made part hereof.
  12. No excavations or mining for stone, gravel, earth, minerals, petroleum or petroleum products shall be made thereon except for walls, basements, cellars or swimming pools located on the premises. This restriction does not apply to the sub divider; its successors or assigns wherein stone, gravel or earth are used to build and maintain improved right of ways.
  13. Each lot, plot or tract shall be kept and maintained completely free of any accumulation of junk or trash of any kind whatsoever, and all trash or garbage shall be hauled off by a commercial sanitary pick-up or carried twice a week to the nearest county or state sanitary fill.
  14. No lot, plot or tract shall be used as a junkyard or an auto graveyard. No nuisance or offensive, noisy or illegal trade, calling or transaction shall be done, carried on, suffered or permitted upon any such lot, plot or tract. No part of any lot, plot or tract shall be used or occupied injuriously to affect the use, occupation or value, of the adjoining or adjacent premises, or residential purposes, of the neighborhood wherein said premises are situated.
  15. All pets and animals shall be contained upon the premises of their respective owners; and all livestock will be restricted to those animals generally considered as not obnoxious, such as cows, horses, dogs, cats and other commonly accepted animals. Obnoxious animals, such as hogs, goats, etc., are prohibited. No commercial endeavor with any kind of animals, except horses, shall be permitted upon the premises. Owners of parcels of five acres or less shall be limited in the number of animals permitted on the premises as follows;a. horses – unlimited
    b. cattle – maximum of five (5)
    c. fowl – maximum of twenty-five (25)
    d. dogs – maximum of four (4) grown dogs and one litter of puppies.
  16. Division of lots, plots or tracts as originally platted and recorded shall be strictly prohibited, except that the dividing of a lot, plot or tract as now platted and recorded, lying between two existing properties shall be allowed where such division will increase the total acreage held by the owners of properties lying directly adjacent to that lot, plot or tract so divided and except that an owner may divide his lot, plot or tract into no more than two parcels only if the lot, plot or tract as originally platted and recorded contained four or more acres.
  17. No signs shall be placed on this property without written permission of the control committee. However, nothing contained herein shall be construed as prohibiting the present owner of this subdivision or its successors or assigns from erecting and maintaining advertising signs, without restriction as to size, and from maintaining a construction office and/or sales office upon the property.
  18. A dude ranch may be permitted on owner’s property. Architectural plans and all activities contemplated for said ranch shall be submitted in writing to the control committee for approval or disapproval. The determination of the control committee is final.
  19. All owners of lots, plots or tracts fronting any platted and recorded road right of way shall submit in writing to the control committee all plans for design and materials to be used in fences, gates and gate posts along said road right of ways. Generally, all fencing fronting platted and recorded road right of ways shall be three board fencing similar in design and material to subdivider’s fencing along Highway 328. Failure of the control committee to act within 30 days of written submission to them of plans for design and materials to be used authorizes the owner to proceed according to submitted materials and plans.
  20. The subdivider, its successors or assigns, shall appoint a three (3) man committee herein referred to as the control committee. This committee shall approve or disapprove all discretionary items herein.
  21. There shall not be permitted or allowed any commercial buildings or activities in this subdivision other than as herein provided.
  22. Failure to enforce any of the restrictions or covenants herein set forth shall not constitute a waiver thereof.
  23. There shall be no riding or herding of animals on the improved road right of way surfaces.
  24. No boats or water vehicles propelled by engine or motor shall be permitted on the lakes.
  25. All persons are prohibited from disturbing the lake bottoms within the subdivision.
  26. All persons are prohibited from disturbing the birds or other wildlife except fish
  27. These restrictions and covenants may be amended, modified, or released by the written consent of the property owners holding a majority of the property within this subdivision.
  28. Enforcement shall be by proceedings at law or in equity against any person or persons violating or attempting to violate any covenant either to restrain violation or to recover damages.
  29. Invalidation of any of the foregoing Restrictive Covenants shall not affect the validity of any other such covenants, and such unaffected covenants shall remain in full force and effect.
  30. All of the Restrictive Covenants and agreements herein contained shall as aforesaid continue until September 31, 1991, in full force and effect, but shall be automatically continued thereafter for successive periods of ten (10) years unless amended, modified or released as herein provided.